Top quality fresh figs and organic pomegranates

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EatMeFresh: internationally oriented importer of organic fresh fruit

Importing fruit to the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe is best done via EatMeFresh. As an internationally oriented fruit importer, we supply you and your customers with nothing less than the best, fresh, organic products. We stand for quality, sustainability and affordability in every area.

  • Ordering from us means ordering directly from the grower
  • Our products complement a healthy and sustainable lifestyle
  • Top quality organic fruit from nature and directly from the source
  • Warranty for product safety


Our products

EatMeFresh is a fruit supplier that focuses exclusively on high-quality, fresh and organic products from Turkey. In particular, we specialise in organic pomegranates and figs. We use a very careful and thorough approach to provide you with optimum quality:

  • All products are certified
  • Trained staff guarantee the quality
  • The fruits are grown and selected with care
  • Quality checks take place regularly
  • Transport is done in optimal conditions




We guarantee the quality of our products during every step of the production process. You reap the benefits of a transparent, sustainable chain.



EatMeFresh uses sustainable packaging material. Choose from our brand MISS FIG and RED CHEEKS or for your private label as your own brand.



We have transport under our own management, which means that we have an overview of the quality at all times and you can benefit from fast delivery times.

Directly imported products

Many fruit importers in and to the Netherlands/Europe work with intermediaries. EatMeFresh eliminates the need for this. This way we get the products directly from the grower. This gives us insight into production and therefore quality. We know where the fruit comes from and what happens to it.Moreover, this enables us to handlelow costs.

Then we take care of the transport ourselves.. We manage this in-house, which means we can guarantee optimum conditions. You also benefit from fast delivery. The short lines guarantee ultimate flexibility. Customisation, for example in the form of packaging, is no problem with us as your fruit supplier.

Importing fruit?

Do you want to place an order or do you have any questions about our fruit importation to Europe? Please contact EatMeFresh by 085-8882590 or by sending a message via the online form. We will get back to you within 24 hours

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