Top quality fresh figs and organic pomegranates

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Packaging at EatMeFresh

EatMeFresh is committed to delivering a quality product at all times. From selection of the best fruit to packaging, we are therefore very alert to every step. We have our own product brands - MISS FIG and RED CHEEKS - but you can also use your private label as your own brand with us. The figs & pomegranates are picked fresh from the trees and packed to ensure no damage to the fruit. Our employees are trained to guarantee the quality of the products. Quality checks are regularly carried out for the selection, formats and packaging.

MISS FIG packaging


  • EatMeFresh opts for sustainable packaging and thereby contributes to the circular economy.
  • The fresh figs and pomegranates are packed in a natural material such as sustainable cardboard. For example, there is the possibility of recycling the packaging.
  • To influence your customer's purchasing behaviour, we use a tempting text on the packaging about the health benefits of the product.


Personalised packaging

For us, packaging is a matter of customisation. We provide the desired packaging based on your requirements. Large or small, practical or luxurious, conventional or special: we are happy to discuss the almost unlimited possibilities with our customers. Do you want your own private label as your own brand? That's possible with us!

Please contact us for more information about the options, the products or our procedures. You can reach EatMeFresh via 085-8882590 or the contact form.

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